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God vs. the universe

What if Bart Ehrman learned theology?

Raindrops on roses, summer 2024

The Father is Not a Father

If God has no gender, why speak the Father's name?

Sneak peek at my work in *Why I am Protestant*

Guest post: Virginia Johnston on cicadapocalypse

Contentment with more

Seeing Bathsheba

A thank you & an invitation

Getting to know the Triune God

Crawling with resurrection

The betrayal of the Butker commencement speech

No sign but Jesus, a miscellany

A fertile underground, an author interview

Repost: I like to imagine a group of moms meeting in the kingdom of heaven

A Taylor Swift-ematics

90s Christian culture, a tongue in cheek quiz

A time to leave, an author interview

Good, good shepherd

5 myths about seminary

Repost: Ace this quiz

A Tale of Two Churches

Gender is not an appendix

Gospel imperatives

Thorny matters, an author interview

March madness, women in theology, vote for the champion

Oh happy fault that merited so great a redeemer!

March madness, women in theology, elite 8 vote

March madness, women in theology edition

Holy Week is coming

The bros and me

The strong name of the Trinity

Reader questions: free will, election, and the God who saves

Perpetua and Felicity art print

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Not once, in 25 years

Raindrops on roses

Pas de deux

Parenting is about God, an author interview

Go, and sin no more

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Uncovering the ungospel of Empire

The Church Blogmatics guide to developing your voice

Sweet ashes to ashes

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Displacement, healing, & recovery, an author interview

Books for black history month

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Scriptural arguments and women in ministry

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Forget the Meyers-Briggs, the Enneagram, and the Sorting Hat

The witness of Dr. Martin Luther King

What's going on at Northern seminary?

My personal relationship with Julian of Norwich

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