“If all…are offended because of Christ, let them be offended; but where is the sense of their being offended at something that is not Christ and is nothing like him!”

Dorothy Sayers

I’m tired of misrepresentations of Jesus.

I’m tired of a so-called Christianity that has nothing to do with the good news of Jesus.

I want to talk about the beauty, the truth, and the goodness of God.

If you’re there too, I invite you to pull up a comfy chair and join us here at the Church Blogmatics community.

Hi, I’m Beth Felker Jones, and I teach theology at Northern Seminary, near Chicago.

My main thing is rejoicing in the ways theology matters for Christian life, faith, and discipleship and in the ways Christian life, faith, and discipleship matter for theology.

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Grace & peace,

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Theology is more like poetry than geometry. Theology is "vile for the sake of the gospel" (so says my friend, John Wesley). Aspiring to a vile poetics.


Professor of theology. Enthusiast for words. Aspirant to attentiveness. Still floored by the beauty of Jesus.