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Merry Christmas from a glory of seraphim wearing ugly Christmas sweaters


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Longing for more

Theology cat, a conversion story

Proud Mary keep on burning

A favorite Advent hymn

My favorite books of 2023

Mary's yes, the miracle of consent, & the dignity of women, with a side note about original sin

I got you a present

Grateful for you


Crowned in glory

Barbie and Taylor Swift are bringing us together

We're all cultural Christians, an author interview

AI idolatry

That fertile stink, from the archive

That fertile stink

What if God loves your body?

What if God loves your body? From the archive

For all the saints

The life & sayings of Dwight the #theologycat, part V, being an account of his teachings from the summer past into this autumn of the year of our Lord 2023

Be astonished, an author interview

What Christians talk about when we talk about Israel

Talking about controversial things without losing your soul

FireFall Vol. 1: A Prayer for Connection

We know women are saved by Jesus, not childbearing, so what's going on in Timothy? An author interview

Healing from bad sermons, bad piety, bad theology

In praise of seashells and coffee too

Raindrops on roses, fall 2023

4K milestone celebration

Earth meets heaven

Jinger, Jill, and Jesus

Book recommendations, for Christians & fellow pastors

Prayers against "Christian" nationalism

F.F. Bruce in 1982, for women in ministry

Wanting God

How Annie Dillard revived my faith last Friday

Glory shining through in absence, an author interview

Complementarian theology & gnosticism

An emptying nest

A prayer for back to school

Announcing the Fall 2023 Theology & Fiction book club selection

Theology & Fiction Book club

August elegiac

Imagining the gospel, an author interview

Reframing Paul on sexual ethics, part III

Ladling up some good stuff, an author interview

We Have to Learn to Pay Attention

Feminists in the dream house

The incomplete life & sayings of Dwight the #theologycat, part IV, first half of 2023

Theologisms you probably wouldn't embroider on a pillow

Theology is for real life

Questions about hell

Book release celebration!

His eye is on the sparrow

So, as it turns out, I'm a dance mom

Raindrops on roses, summer 2023

Truth for when the shine wears off

Being Spirit, being spiritual, part II

Being Spirit, being spiritual, part I

Reframing Paul on sexual ethics, part II

A cloud of (writing) witnesses

Reframing Paul on sexual ethics, part I

A sung theology

The new edition of *Practicing Christian Doctrine* is coming soon

Gifts for Pentecost

Backstage pass: Attention to everyday miracles

Four months & some fun questions

When the lectionary lops off the hard bits of scripture

I like to imagine a group of moms meeting in the kingdom of heaven

I don't know how she does it

Contact & services

Rules for students, for doing theology (and for work in general)

Backstage pass: Author bios

Works righteousness, the American dream, & the twisty twistings of our twisted hearts

We all need theology, an author interview

TGC again, this time where a book by a woman doesn't get the benefit of the doubt like a book by a man

On the architecture of dreams

Brutal materialism is good Christology

A guide to hacking your Instagram for beauty & for Jesus

Savor something delicious, an author interview

Hermeneutics, chocolate, and hot cross buns

Jars of alabaster, jars of clay, & the journey of Holy Week

Theology & flowers, an author interview

And she told them a parable

Learning new ways to pray and a poem for difficult times

On belonging & fried chicken

Love in the zombie apocalypse

The God who feeds, an author interview

Answering reader questions about my piece on theology, bodies, and that article

Foolish. faithless. heartless. ruthless.

Protestant bodies, Protestant bedrooms, & our furious need for a theology thereof

Sort of like the parable of the talents

My books

God is not a boy, an author interview

Analogy school part III

One month celebration

An invitation to the fasting buffet

Valentine mailbag

Analogy school part II

Analogy school part I

The Bible and the end of patriarchy

That fertile stink

A catechetical offering in partnership with my theology cat

What if God loves your body?

Ace this quiz